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A role playing site that takes place during the Marauders era meaning when James, Lily and them were in school.
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Welcome to the Marauders Era. Please have a look around. If you like what you see then why don't you join and be a part of our community. Just remember to read and follow the rules then you can take the Sorting quiz to get sorted into you house. After you have been sorted you may begin to role play. I hope you have fun and thank you for visiting. And please vote for us. *Puppy dog eyes*
Hogwarts Staff

Admins: Deianera Potter
Adaleen Lupin Selena Malfoy

Head Girl:
Hannah Goslar

Prefect: Athena Green

House Points
Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:25 pm by Deianera Potter
Here is where the House points will be posted.





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 Hannah Goslar

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Hannah Goslar
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PostSubject: Hannah Goslar   Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:25 am

~Name~ Hannah Goslar

~Age~ 17

~Year~ 7th

~Appearance~ Long black hair with curls at the bottom, blue eyes, Tall, and athletic build

~Personality~ Bitch, doesn't care about many besides family and her boyfriend Lucius.

~Wand~ 11 in. Mahogany, Elven hair

~Relationship status~ Dating Lucius Malfoy

~History about your character~ She is a full eleven woman and yet she is considered a pureblood in the wizarding community. Her family along with half of her people are siding with the Dark Lord. She has many abilitys like Wandless magic and mind reading. She is very smart and very cunning. She met Lucius at a party and they started dating that night. He is one of the few who she shows her nice side to.
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Hannah Goslar
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